Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sex. Oh yeah. Right Here at the Writer's Corner

I just finished writing a sex scene.

I've no one to blame but myself. I was the one that threw down the challenge to the novel class.

Three pages. That's what we agreed on.

Three pages.


No one can write great sex in three pages.

Great sex is not a sprint - it should be a great 10K with a happy ending. OK - most of us will settle for a well executed 5K that ends with a genuine smile and a polite thank-you.

Today my character, Chuck, had sex. I wrote about it for three hours. The poor boy was horribly inept. Still, it worked out well for him - sort of. He was scarred by the experience, but also intrigued by the possibilities.

When I write painful scenes, I often cry. When I write scenes of triumph I cry as well, and sometimes I pump my fist in the air. Sometimes when my characters are funny, I laugh. When they cook, I get hungry.

So's getting definitely late.

Yes honey, I'll be right there.

Ummm. Gotta go.




  1. It was actually 5 pages so you could add a little if you want. And for the record, a lot of us would be satisfied with a little hop, skip and a jump! 5K could be practically a marathon for some. :) Can't wait to read about poor Chuck and his ineptness.

  2. Happy to know that Chuck didn't exceed his page limit!

    I never considered hopping, skipping, or jumping.

    Oh, the things I've yet to learn!