Monday, May 28, 2012

What Will Grow

A poem submitted for our current theme of  What Will Grow

What Will Grow
By: Joanne Dippel

When a mother carries a new life inside her,
Most often, thankfully, it will grow.
Sometimes, though, for reasons that can't be right,
Things go way too wrong
A baby is never born.

For the parents, for the world
There is not rejoicing
There is sadness.
There is not richness
There is a void.

The void will always be there.

Soon though, life returns.
Caring is shown, arms are extended,
A mother is loved in new and touching ways.
Tears fall and there are angry exclamations, questions
But laughter rings out too and joy can be felt.

As time passes, a new perspective grows.
Having known more, a mother can feel more
And understand better those who have lost too.
Living more deeply, she will have more compassion
And life will be richer.

For reasons that are bad, in ways that are good,
A mother will grow
And because of her lost baby
The world will never be quite the same.

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