Monday, June 18, 2012

What Will Grow

For our current theme of  What Will Grow

By Jamal Ali

The lifeless silence of winter’s outdoors
where mortals bundle up in free servitude
marches on to the drumbeats of springtime.
Springtime’s harbinger, the red-breasted robin
delights our attentive ear with its cheery carol.
Awakened from our wintry slumber, we spring into life
in that vernal season of growth. Returning from Hades,
Persephone the maiden of spring becomes our leader
in the blooming umbrella of life.

Prolific spring enkindles my imagination,
the miracle of writing enables me to see and experience
that which the naked eye cannot. It was in the spring of 2003
that I discovered my passion for writing – I took an Introductory
Creative Writing Course at the Alexandra Writers Centre in Calgary.

My appreciation for the mundane blooms in springtime.
I marvel at the sight of varying hares in the neighbourhood.
A serenading rainfall at nighttime soothes my slumber.
The sweet scent of freshly cut grass delights my nostrils.
I take pleasure in the planting of peonies, delphiniums,
violets and daisies. A refreshing walk in the daylight hours
after a rainfall, an exuberant feeling brought about by the greenery
of the landscape and the air’s fragrance.

Spring is the season of surprises. Witnessing the extraordinary enriches
my growth. May 26, 2012: With amazement, I stared at a flock of Canada
geese flying in a V-shaped formation in a northerly direction while walking to
the nearby Market Mall. May 27, 2012: My encounter with a white-tailed deer
in my neighbourhood during a leisurely morning walk.

Spring, the mother of life. Cradled in your arms, I bloom like a flower.
Stay with me spring, Stay with me spring.
Please don’t go away.

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